Uniformity Tester

Solar simulators are central measuring devices in the assessment of solar cells and modules. Therefore, they have to meet high quality requirements concerning the quality of the generated light field. Fraunhofer CSP has developed sensor systems with which the lateral distribution of light intensity can be measured easily, quickly and robustly.

Test setup homogenity tester
© Fraunhofer CSP
Test setup for measurement of solar simulators for solar cells with sensor, measurement electronics and user interface.
measurement of solar simulators
© Fraunhofer CSP
Mobile measuring set-up for the measurement of solar simulators for solar modules.


  • Determination of light intensity over a matrix of solar cells
  • Robust, transportable construction with customer-specific materials and modifiable layout
  • Graphical user interface with three operating modes: "steady-state", "triggered-flash" and "loop" for all types of solar simulators
  • Fast measurement of the complete light field in under 2 ms


Benefits and Advantages

  • Sun simulator classification according to standard 60904
  • Avoidance of measurement errors due to light field inhomogeneities
  • Shorter downtimes in production lines due to fast testing by means of uniformity testers
  • Improved and faster quality control in the production of solar simulators


Application Examples

  • Acceleration of development and production of new LED light units for solar simulators and light soakers
  • Testing and evaluation of solar simulators, e.g. after lamp replacement