Intelligent Sensor Modules - PV System Monitoring and Power Generation

When analysing the causes of power losses of PV systems, the distinction between externally caused deficits (irradiance, temperature), degradation losses (LID, ARC abrasion, contamination) and failures is a problem that has not been solved so far.
It is therefore important for plant operators to be able to quantify internal PV module losses in order to reduce costs for maintenance or repair/replacement while achieving maximum performance.
At Fraunhofer CSP we have developed a technology that allows a degradation-free sensor module to be reliably and cost-effectively converted into a
generate loss-free reference data - on site and in real time. Using this data and based on proprietary time series algorithms, we are able to calculate avoidable internal losses and thus optimize preventive O&M activities.

Sensor Modules in PV power plant
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String integrated Sensor Modules in PV power plant.


  • Degradation-free materials
  • String integrated operation and power generation
  • Variable form factor and adaptation to the module design


  • Acquisition of long-term, degradation-free performance data
  • On-site and real-time evaluation of energy yield - expected vs. actual values
  • Remote monitoring of operation and maintenance requirements